We specialize in making leather from the Nile Crocodile species, and can offer Belly Skins, Horn-Back Skins and Back-Straps. We offer finished and crust skins which can be adapted to different types of leather to suit the customer’s specific application. The finished leather can be prepared with different types of finishes to obtain the client’s desired feel, look and touch. We also prepare Crust Skins to allow customers to apply their own special finish. Crust skins can be modified to ensure the finished leather is tailored to meet the finished product requirements. .

Crust Skins:
Crust Belly skins are available in the following tannage:

Chrome Crust (compliant with EU Standards of chrome content)

  • Good soft feel.
  • Good tear-strength.
  • Can withstand milling action without negative impact on grain.
  • Even substance shaved throughout the skin, ranging from 1.0 – 2.0mm.
  • Our leather & finish has been tested for European standards and passed specifications on:
    •  flexes;
    •  tear-strength;
    •  rub-fastness;
    •  finish adhesion, and
    •  colour fastness.
  • Chrome content of the skins meets with European standards.
  • High shrinkage temperature.
Veg Tanned
  • Excellent for polishing.
  • Good milling properties.
  • Good tear-strength.
  • Good water-proofing.
  • Gives a unique look, feel & appearance to conventional leather & can bring forward its own beauty.
  • Good rub-fastness & flexibility.
  • Nice plumpness.
  • Makes for a good oil pull-up finish compared to standard chrome crust.
Wet White (chrome free)
  • Good tightness & firmness to the grain
  • Easily glazed
  • Good water-proofing
  • Good rub-fastness
  • Good, full dye-ability
  • Finish gives a deep see through colour to the grain
  • Full round feel
  • Environmentally cleaner processing.

Veg, Chrome & Wet White Crust

Left to Right - Veg, Chrome & Wet White Crust

Belly Skins
A belly skin is slaughtered from the animal head to tail tip, including legs and cut to include two (2) rows of button scales along the flank on either side. This cut is predominantly for leather goods, garment and accessories; specifically hand bags, cases, wallets etc. Belly skins are available in the following finishes:

Finish Types
Garment Nubuc
The specially  treated skin produces a soft velvet / suede texture to the grain surface of the skin whilst still retaining the natural shape and fullness of the scale pattern similar to a normally tanned skin

Garment Soft Safari Polish
This finish provides a  soft shine and easy flowing leather ideal for apparel

Safari Matt
The matt finish provides no shine and gives the appearance of an untreated dyed leather, yet has all the properties of finished  leather

Nubuc, Matt, Safari, Millennium

Left to Right - Nubuc, Matt, Safari, Millennium

Safari Firm
A firmer leather ideally suited to hard wearing leather goods such as the foot-ware market

Safari Soft
A softer but shiny leather suited for handbags and leather goods which require a more formal appearance

Slightly firmer yet flexible leather, normally with a slightly shiny and smooth finish. Ideal for hand bags, clutches and purses.


Horn-Back Skin
A horn-back skin consists mainly of the back (top) part of the crocodile  (opposite to the belly section skin).  This skin prominently displaying the bony section of the crocodile on the back and with tail scoots. This cut includes approximately eleven (11) rows of scales down the flanks. Crust Horn-back skins are only available in Chrome Crust (compliant with EU Standards of chrome content).

Finish Types
Horn-back skins are  available in a Safari Polish finish and displays the delicate belly scales in a soft shine with the classic soft leather feel to it, while the bone sections contrast beautifully to give a very natural and unique product finish.


Back-Strap Skin
A back-strap skin is the remainder of the belly cut skin and comprises section on the back of the animal from just above the medallion situated on the neck through to tail tip, prominently displaying four (4) rows of the bony section down the back with tail scoots. This cut is favoured predominantly for belts and hat bands as well as other smaller accessories.  Back straps are available in crust (chrome tanned) or finished skins (safari polished).

Please see photograph examples of some of our products. For more information on these products kindly e-mail us with your queries.

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