Tannery - Corporate Profile


Le Croc Tannery was established in 2007 and is situated on the same premises as the crocodile breeding and farming operations. The need and opportunity for the establishment of the tannery came about as a consequence of the desire of the founder of the Le Croc tannery, Mr. Stefan van As, to retain an involvement in the transformation of the skins produced by Le Croc’s crocodile rearing operations to finished leather.

Le Croc Tannery is now in the unique position to work hand in hand with the Le Croc Crocodile Husbandry operation and a chosen group of producers to ensure the selection of only the best raw material for its tannery.

Constant feedback and interaction between the Tannery technicians and the Crocodile husbandry teams ensure that quality control starts with the hatching of the crocodile and the ends with the production of the finest crocodile leather.  Throughout this cycle - which takes approximately four to five years, great care is taken to ensure uniformity of husbandry practices, nutrition, and finishing of the animals to deliver a quality and uniform raw skin to the tannery. At the tannery the latest technology equipment and a dedicated team of technicians transforms the raw skins to the finest leathers.

During its relatively short existence, Le Croc Tannery has already been recognized as a supplier of high quality leather for use by the top end fashion houses in Europe as well as other local and overseas leather goods manufacturers.

Tannery Floor

Tannery Wet End

Le Croc aspires to produce a final product which is not only on a par with those produced by the established crocodilian leather tanneries in the world, but to be recognized for the creation of some of the best quality leather in the world.

A system of quality control ensures that all skins processed at Le Croc Tannery is uniquely numbered allowing for detailed and specific information on each  skin which passes through production. Upon sale of the leather, each skin is tagged with a single CITES seal and is accompanied by CITES permits to its destination Country.

Le Croc Tannery is managed by a hand-full of closely knit, dedicated and experienced employees who pride themselves on producing high quality leather.

Le Croc Tannery produces various Products including belly skins (used for handbags, shoes, garment and other luxury leather goods), horn back (shoes, bags etc.) skins and back straps (belts etc.). The leather can be produced in a variety of colors, and different types of finishes, depending on the specific requirements of our customers.

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